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Appointment Information

Pre - Appointment Prep

Please make sure that:

  • You are not sick/unwell. Even if it is a common cold as not only are you contagious to others but your compromised immune system may make you more at risk of infection.

  • You disclose any meds you are on that effect the blood or immune system. This is important as it may mean that it is safer to wait until the course is over.

  • You Have Not consumed alcohol 72 hours before your appointment. Doing so will lead to excessive bleeding.

  • If the area to be tattooed has quite/very dry skin, you are moisturizing it regularly for as long as possible before your appointment to help the skin and future tattoo settle.

  • You have not waxed or epilated the area to be tattooed.

  • You Are Not sunburned. damaged skin cannot be tattooed. (very tanned skin will effect the colour outcome)

  • Eat a big carb based meal the night before your tattoo, like pasta as the slow releasing carbs will help stabilize your blood sugars and energy levels on the day of your  tattoo.

  • Eat Breakfast Ideally a big one (like a fry up) at least an hour before your appointment so your body has the energy to get tattooed. This will stabilize your blood sugars, keep you feeling well and able to sit nice and still not in too much pain for the duration of your sitting.  

  • Do Not have no breakfast or eat just a snack in the waiting room instead, as this will not be enough fuel for your body, especially for a big sitting and you are likely to be in pain/not be able to sit still/feel unwell/tap out. 

  • Do Not arrive to your appointment loaded on sugar/lucozade/energy drinks as these will spike your blood sugars resulting in them crashing sooner. These are for after sitting for several hours of being tattooed and needing to bring your blood sugars back up if needs be.

Appointment Checklist

For your comfort you can bring with you:

  • A packed lunch (sandwiches, water, etc) to be eaten during the half way break in a day sit/several hour sitting.

  • Phone charger/ book/ headphones - anything that keeps you entertained 

  • PPE COVID mask is optional

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Like: a vest for top of arm/shorts for thigh/side tie bikini bottoms for hip/zip or button up top for sternum.

Post Appointment 

*Appropriate aftercare instructions will be explained and advised to you after your tattoo and printed off for you to take home*


Important things to consider:

  • Do Not expose your healing tattoo to direct sunlight/sunbeds. It can damage/dull the ink and at worst make your tattoo blister.

  • Do Not go swimming in open waters, swimming pools or soak in Jacuzzis and the bath whilst your tattoo is healing. This is a serious infection risk.

  • Because of the above listed things to not do after a tattoo. it is advised to not book a holiday until your tattoo is fully healed.


For any queries or more information please feel free to message me 

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