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Bringing creativity and artistry to every piece, Rhianne combines professional experience from the fashion industry to your tattoo design and creates beautiful custom tattoos tailored to suit you. 
tattoo art print neo traditional stoke on trent midlands uk
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Rhianne is a Featured Tattoo Artist with a Fashion Design  background, Swapping Sewing Machines for Tattoo Machines, yet keeping that keen eye for detail.


being artistically gifted, Rhianne originally trained as a fashion designer and illustrator at university, because in the early 2000's she thought that was the only career choice for her to draw the ladies that she loved so much and had always drawn.

Rhianne had a promising career laid out for her in fashion design, especially as she was headhunted by topman design to do work placements with them just before her fashion course started.



















whilst at uni she discovered ne0 traditional tatt00 flash by the master tattoo artist eckel, this was the most beautiful artwork  she had ever seen, it was a style not recognised in the art history books she was studying, it was better! 

"my heart stopped beating and then it set on fire. the colours, content, narrative and composition, its perfect. to me this is what art is". - Rhianne


rhianne realised that it was the tattoo industry she needed an education with and so she quit University in her second year and eventually acquired the education and experience needed through her tattoo apprenticeships over the years.


Rhianne now Designs Modern and Vintage Figurative Tattoo based Artwork with a Romantic Narrative.

As a self taught artist Rhianne instinctively draws and tattoos in Realism with her own unique version of Neo Traditional.


Some of Rhianne's Original Artwork and Prints have been Featured and Displayed in Art Galleries and Tattoo Art Exhibitions in London and Online.

Her prints are inspired by Classical Tattooing, Mythologies and Nostalgia from the 17th Century to the 1980's.

Specialising in Figurative, Realism and Neo Traditional whilst fluent in many styles and mediums, Rhianne is experienced in and enjoys the Tattoo styles listed below:

(please click on them to see examples of her work in her portfolio)

Realism / Portraits


Black and Grey


Neo Traditional

Black work

Cover ups

Tiny Tattoos


Both a Custom Tattoo Artist and a Traditional Tattoo Flash Worker, she will design you a hand drawn custom Design based on your brief and/ or you can pick from her available Tattoo Flash designs


 Tattoo Flash by the Tattoo Artist Eckel, The Grand Master of Neo Traditional that inspired Rhianne to start tattooing in 2009

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